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MopTops (Dance While the World Stops)

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"I made this song 2 years ago with my friend Seve who also worked on Amnesia Haze and LSD. He does a lot of art stuff but is also edits video — my demo of this was much slower but he approached like an editor and chopped it all up and made it much faster. It was alchemy. The lyrics were improvised, I was thinking about the 50s and 60s living under the constant threat of nuclear war. People doing the twist in a red light nuclear fallout bomb blast, about the haircuts from then, “mop tops”. But now we have these two crazy world leaders with crazy hideous hair threatening to blow each other up. Is there any way I can make more money off of being an oracle? The music industry is hard.

Speaking of industries, I’m scared of what is happening to journalists. Remember when we decided that we didn’t have to pay for news? We clicked around paywalls and merrily thought “what’s the worst that can happen?” and now we live in a world where no one can tell what the truth actually is, and many don’t even care. It’s a direct result of devaluing journalism and now we are on our way to doing the same thing for artists and musicians. What will happen? I’m an oracle, so I could tell you, but like the rest of us I’m eventually going to need to get paid."


from Outtakes from Exile, track released December 13, 2017
Written by Erika M. Anderson & Severiano Martinez.
Published by Thorstar 1 (ASCAP) admin. by SubPop Publishing d/b/a Subterranean Pop Music (World)/Ceuso Music Publishing (EU/AU/NZ), BMI.

recorded and produced by: Erika M. Anderson, Severiano Martinez, Leif Shackleford.


all rights reserved



EMA Portland, Oregon

Erika M. Anderson first graced the limelight under the guise of EMA in May 2011, when the brilliantly scuffed debut album Past Life Martyred Saints was released to a multitude of acclaim. An absorbing and ambitious masterpiece that revealed a unique and feed-backed noisy guitar style, it showcased a distinctive sonic signature that sounded like nothing else around. ... more

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